Friends Ballarat Botanical Gardens Committee Members 2018/19


Robert Selkirk


Immediate Past President
Raoul Dixon


Vice President
John King


Susan Rattray


Bruce Holland


General Committee - four positions are available on the Committee and these are held by:


Elizabeth Gilfillan
Stephanie de Boer
June Cheetham

Nonni Tennant



BotaniKids and Education Convener
Julie Bradby


Growers Convener
Yvonne Curbach


Guides Convener
Terry O'Brien


History Convener
Lorraine Powell


Hospitality Convener
Doff Kemp


Events and Speakers Convener

Carole Haines


Membership Officer

Raoul Dixon



Michael Bird


Ambassadors Convener
Beth Dixon (non-Committee)


Botanical Art Convener
Valerie Richards (non-Committee)


Engraving of Plant Labels Convener
Joy O'Brien (non-Committee)



For more information, please contact the secretary on .


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