Engraving Friends

The Engraving Friends produce identification labels for the plants and trees within the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

The plant names are carefully researched from the reference library housed in the George Longley Building thus ensuring that the correct information is provided. Each label shows information regarding the scientific name, family name, common name, and country of origin. In some cases growing dimensions are also added. The labels are attached to a metal stake, which is placed at the base of the smaller plants and shrubs. In the case of large trees the label is bolted to the tree trunk.

This group also undertakes engraving consignments for other Botanic Gardens, Schools and Community Gardens. The Friends of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens and Ballarat City Council have provided specialised computer-driven equipment for this group.

For more information please contact the secretary:


Mail: The Secretary, Friends of Ballarat Botanical Gardens Inc., PO Box 33W Ballarat West, VIC 3350

Telephone: Robert Clark Centre Conservatory (03) 5320 5135


Examples of plant labels