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4 ways to explore the Ballarat Botanical Gardens

by Della Vreeland

February 6, 2018

Discover how you can get the most out of your visit to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

Growing Friends

about the Growing Friends

History Friends


Enthusiastically researching and compiling the history of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens

more about the History Friends

Educating Friends

Planting ideas for growing minds.

about BotaniKIDS

Guiding Friends



The Guiding Friends share their knowledge of these heritage gardens and pride themselves on their friendly and informative tours.


more about the Guiding Friends

Engraving Friends


Using specialised computer driven equipment, the Engraving Friends produce identification labels for the plants and trees within the Ballarat Botanical Gardens


more about the Engraving Friends

Friends of Ballarat Botanical Gardens

Friends of Ballarat Botanical Gardens is a voluntary organisation which was founded in 1982 and became an incorporated body in 1993.  It serves as a link between the Ballarat City Council and the wider community.  Much support has been provided for improvements in the gardens as well as assisting with the conservation of cherished elements such as the collection of marble statues dating from 1880s.  The botanical and horticultural significance of the gardens, as well as historical, cultural and recreational aspects, are promoted in the local community and beyond.  Community education and programs for schools have been developed to help everyone enjoy their visits to the gardens.


Covering 40 ha (originally 99 acres), the land was first reserved for a public garden in 1857.   By the 1880s a magnificent ‘gardenesque’ style central garden had become well established.  It is still one of Australia's most attractive cool climate gardens, where each season is distinctly marked by the mature trees.  The north gardens includes a wetlands reserve and in the south gardens there is the Ex-POW Memorial Garden.

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