Growing Friends

Growing Friends is an enthusiastic group of gardeners who are considerably knowledgeable about plants, especially those that thrive in the Ballarat environment. The group is friendly, relaxed and welcoming of new members wanting to share in the love of gardening.

The Growing Friends meet in the Friends' Nursery located behind the Robert Clark Centre, every Tuesday and every second Sunday of the month 1-4pm, no matter what the weather.

We ensure that a selection of plants is always available for purchase from the trolley outside the conservatory during usual business hours.

Growing Friends is happy to provide advice and support to gardeners in the community.

Growing Friends is responsible for the purchase, propagation, maintenance, labelling, watering, and sales of the nursery plants. The Friends' Nursery is the Friends' main source of income and plays an important role in the Friends of the Botanical Gardens.

Growing Friends horticultural knowledge is supported by the Jessie Scott Library. Housed in the George Longley building, this horticultural library is extensive and impressive and is available to all members.

Friends Nursery

Specializing in rare ground covers, perennials, shrubs and succulents.  


Opening Hours: 

Tuesdays: 1-4pm
Sundays (2nd and 4th Sunday in Summer): 1-4pm

Discounts for members:

$2 off each plant

Yvonne and Wes behind the scenes during Covid times

Plant Trolley:

We have two 'Plant Trolleys' outside the Robert Clarke Conservatory and we continue to stock them daily with a great variety of plants which you can buy at any time during the day with cash (honour system).

Random excited plant buyers!

If you need a new plant, a gift or a small indulgence why not stop by and take a look!

A visit from Gardening Australia host – Costa! 

We had an unexpected visit from Costa when he was filming in the gardens!  He checked out our Plant Trolley, visited some of our growers in the Nursery. He is passionate about gardening and was so interested in everything the Friends are doing!

Costa visiting the Nursery March 2022


Costa at the Trolley with Kim and Ann Mar 2022


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