Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Friends of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens Incorporated hereinafter called "the Friends" shall be:

  1. To assist in the promotion of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, and to generally undertake activities for the benefit of the Gardens within the botanical perspective.
  2. To involve the community in scientific, educational, historical, cultural and recreational functions of the Gardens.
  3. To serve as a link between the Ballarat City Council and the wider community, and to promote, support and contribute to the development of the Gardens.
  4. To stimulate and sustain public interest in the botanic gardens in Victoria or elsewhere.
  5. To subscribe to, become a member of, co-operate with or affiliate with any other society, association or organisation whether incorporated or not, whose that the Friends shall not subscribe to or support with its funds any society, association or organisation which does not prohibit the distribution of its income and property among its members to an extent at least as great as that imposed on the Association under by virtue of the Rules.
  6. To acquire by purchase, bequest, gift or otherwise and to hold property of any kind or any interest in or right to property of any kind and to invest all of any funds of the Friends in any of the investments authorised by law for the investment of trust moneys and either upon deposit at call or upon fixed deposit with any public company carrying on business in Australia or in the bonds, debentures, preferred and ordinary stocks or shares of any such company as aforesaid with power to vary and transport the same.
  7. To arrange meetings seminars, forums, excursions, displays, exhibitions, workshops and any other events that the Friends may think desirable for the promotion of its purposes.
  8. To charge for services.
  9. To make regulations and/or by-laws for the proper government of the Friends and the carrying out of the purposes.
  10. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above purpose or any of them and the exercise of the powers of the Friends.