Ballarat in Spring 2018



Friends of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens
November 9th 2018

​and this year in collaboration with

will present open gardens in the Ballarat area this
NOVEMBER 10th &11th 2018
​10am - 5pm

Speaker's Luncheon

Friday, 9 November 2018, 10:30am to 3:30pm
Venue: The Robert Clark Centre – Ballarat Botanical Gardens (Next to the Conservatory)
Tickets: $70 per person including M/Tea & Lunch ($65 Friends member)

Indulge in a 'day out' in our beautiful Ballarat Botanical Gardens. This years Speakers are all Landscape designers, Jennifer Clancy, Sue Meli and Stephen Read. Enjoy morning tea and lunch at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens Conservatory.

Jennifer Clancy, Stephen Read and Sue Meli. Registration includes a delicious lunch.

Jennifer Clancy

Gardens & Design - Jennifer has been living and working in Central Victoria since 1992 and has an excellent knowledge of the local conditions affecting garden development. Her understanding of the elements that make up good design produces wonderfully exciting layout plans. They are composed of strong confident lines, balanced spaces and striking use of plant material. Jennifer believes that her work must show a sympathy with the region and climate from which the garden emerges, while also reflecting the client's personality.

​Jennifer will share with us the garden design changes she has guided at Lal Lal Estate, since its sale in 2014.

Jennifer Clancy Landscapes website

Stephen Read

Stephen Read is a Landscape Designer and Horticulturist who began his career at the Royal Botanic Gardens (Sydney). Stephen later moved on to Historic Houses Trust, where he researched and helped to restore the garden of Elizabeth Farm, Australia's oldest European building.

Over the past 15 years, Stephen has worked as a Landscape Designer who is passionate about all things design. Stephen has a strong belief in the transformational nature of good design and its ability to maximize social and economic value. After 25 years in the Landscape Industry, working in both Australia and Europe, Stephen has come to the realization that access to quality green space is vital for our health and wellbeing, and as a result, he has developed a unique and fresh approach when designing gardens. The fundamental difference is a collaborative process between client and designer. Empathy for the location, architecture and those who use the garden are key influences, and the design is driven by what is needed and not by ego. The results speak for themselves, with no need to apologise for cliched additions; the garden will work seamlessly - now and for years to come.

Stephen Read Landscape Design website

Sue Meli

Sue Meli Landscape Designs creates the foundation of beautiful gardens from the ground up, encompassing all aspects of design, construction and maintenance. Prescribing to the contemporary style, Sue aims to respect the resppnd to the landscape, the architecture and the clients' needs.

Sue will speak in colaboration with Dee Kelly who is a hands on gardener who is very enthusiastic about sharing her experiences about her garden which has evolved from a design Sue produce for Dee and her family.

Sue Meli Landscape Designs