The Gatekeeper's Cottage

The Gatekeeper's Cottage

The Ballarat Council has now approved its relocation back into the Gardens which is welcomed by many. The cottage has been gifted to the Friends so it is unequivocally our own cottage and will be used principally for education, information and BotaniKids activities.

Update: The Gatekeeper's Cottage has been moved.

The Friends (FBBG) sincerely wish to thank the Trustees/Owners of the Gatekeepers Cottage presently located at 1414 Gregory St, for their gift of the Cottage to the community through FBBG. They have actively worked to facilitate the relocation into the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

At the 25 February City Of Ballarat Council meeting it was resolved by Council that the original Gatekeepers Cottage be returned to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. The Friends are very grateful to an anonymous Friends donor who has contributed $40,000 to the relocation of the Cottage. This has enabled the process to proceed. The purpose for the newly relocated and renovated Cottage will be for an Education and Interpretation Centre within Ballarat Botanical Gardens. There has been considerable delay in the permit and relocation process.

The Cottage is now to be relocated including the rear skillion section; any additional costs for this will be covered by the City. The City of Ballarat appointed Project Manager (an architect), has also recently produced a second plan for the renovation of the cottage, without reference to the original "brief" given by the Friends committee. The Friends preference is still for the plan submitted by pro bono architect Richard Teed. The Friends are very appreciative of the support and work done by Richard and believe these plans respond to our brief, for emphasis on Education/Interpretation requirements of spacious light-filled areas spilling into the Gardens. After the installation of the Cottage into the Gardens the two sets of plans will be submitted to Heritage Victoria. FBBG will meet with Heritage Victoria in Melbourne.

Elizabeth Gilfillan, Development Convenor

UPDATE:  The Gatekeeper's Cottage It is now the ‘home’ of Botanikids and will be developed into an interpretive
centre for visitors to learn more about the Ballarat Botanical Gardens and its unique plants, collections and cultural heritage.  Read more about The Gatekeeper's Cottage here.